Half Filled Bowl

Imagine waking up in a one room home with a flickering light bulb…you change your clothes, slip on shoes with holes worn in the sole. Waking up your coworker (your 12 year old son) is the next step and then the two mile walk to work begins.

Arriving to the work shack as the tip of the sun appears above the horizon is a daily routine. While everyone is talking of last night’s rain, you’re untangling the harness straps for your son before putting on your own gathering basket. Many hours later, just before the sun sets the day is complete and the two mile journey back home begins.

The end of the week arrives and it’s payday. $85 for the week.

In the market you scramble to choose between shampoo/soap to wash with or food for the week. You purchase a bar of soap and food.

At home the bowl is only half full.

The life of a coffee picker working without Fair Trade wages.

(To be continued……)

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